The JCHS Story

JPMC College of Health Sciences Sdn Bhd is a private higher education institution that intends to meet the increasing need for quality nursing by growing and developing prospective nurses.

The College, formed as a joint venture with Far Eastern University (FEU) of the Philippines, also seeks to be a viable place of opportunity for young students looking to build their careers in the healthcare sector.

The College focuses on clinical competence and maximizing the development of prospective nurses. This focus along with effective collaborations with nurses from different clinical expertise ensures that each graduate is able to perform in any environment.

Developing Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

The JPMC College of Health Sciences is meant to serve the increasing need for qualified nurses both locally and globally, and the institution offers another opportunity for those who are seeking a career to their passion for healthcare into a reality.

From the classroom, to the ward.
The students, aided with a dynamic curriculum that utilizes evidence-based, proactive education that encourages them to maximize their potential, will develop the much-needed skills to become successful in their field, continually seeking to improve themselves through lifelong, professional learning.

A solid foundation for the future of high-caliber national and global healthcare.
With available resources allocated to creating and maintaining quality programmers, we foster success in the field of nursing, producing graduates that can perform in any environment, equipped with the right tools and preparation.

Mission &

To Produce leaders who promote, practice and pursue excellence Health Science Education, Compassionate Care, Health Research and Lifelong Learning.

Lady in Hijab using a Microscope in Nursing College Brunei

Step 1

Register online through this link:

Step 2

Wait for the initial results of admissions application.

Step 3

 Settle the registration fee of BND 115.00 and acceptance fee of BND 115.00. Send the proof of payment to

Step 4

Wait for the Acceptance letter, enrollment schedule and interview with the Academics Team.

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