Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Program Description:

The BSN is a three-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. Professional courses are spread through in sequential progression from the first year through the third year with emphasis on the nursing concepts with corresponding Related Learning Experience (RLE). The BSN program provides an intensive nursing practicum that will refine further the nursing competencies to ensure achievement of the BSN program outcomes required of an entry level nurse.

The BSN program aims to develop a professional nurse who is able to assume entry level positions in health facilities or community settings. The professional nurse is capable of providing safe, humane, quality and holistic care to individuals in varying age, gender and health- illness status; healthy or at risk families; population groups; and community; singly or in collaboration with other health care providers to promote health, prevent illness, restore health, alleviate sufferings and provide end of lifecare.

Program Outcomes:

  •  Demonstrates clinical competence in specific profession
  • Observes ethical conducting the practice of the profession
  • Pursues inter-professional education
  • Communicates effectively skills orally and in writing
  • Engages in self- directed lifelong learning
  • Assumes leadership and management role
  • Promotes the use of health systems approach in the delivery of health care
  • Participate in the conduct of research
  • Act as social advocate

Performance Indicators:

Program Outcomes Program Indicators
1. Apply knowledge of physical, social, natural and health sciences and humanities in managing clients, teams and programs in any setting.

a) Integrate relevant principles of social, physical, natural and health sciences and humanities in a given health situation.

b) Apply appropriate scientific concepts and actions holistically and comprehensively.

2. Perform safe, appropriate, and holistic care to
individuals, families, population groups, and community
utilizing nursing process.

a. Assess with the client (individual, family, population, group, and/or community), one’s health status/competence.
b. Formulate with the client a plan of care to address the health conditions, needs, problems and issues based on priorities.
c. Implement safe and quality interventions with the client to address the health needs, problems and issues.
d. Provide health education using selected planning models to targeted clientele (individuals, family, population group or community).
e. Evaluate the client the health status/competence and /or process/expected outcomes of nurse-client working relationship.
f. Institute appropriate corrective actions to prevent or minimize harm arising from adverse effects

3. Apply guidelines and principles of evidence-based
practice in nursing management.

a. Provide appropriate evidence based nursing care using a participatory approach based on:

  • Variety of theories and standards relevant to health and healing
  • Research
  • Clinical practice
  • Client preferences
  • Client and staff safety
  • Customer care standards
4. Practice nursing in accordance with existing laws,
legal, ethical and moral principles.
a. Adhere to ethico-legal considerations when providing safe, quality and professional nursing care.
b. Apply ethical reasoning and decision-making process to address situations of ethical distress and moral dilemma.
c. Adhere to established norms of conduct based on the Philippine Nursing Law and other legal, regulatory and institutional requirements relevant to safe nursing practice.
d. Protect clients rights based on “ Patient’s Bill of Rights and Obligations”
e. Implement strategies/policies related to informed consent as it applies in multiple contexts
5. Communicate effectively in speaking, writing and
presenting using culturally-appropriate language to
clients and teams.
a. Ensure a working relationship with the client and/or support system based on trust, respect and shared decision-making using appropriate
communication/ interpersonal techniques/strategies.
6. Report and document up-to-date client care
accurately and comprehensively
a. Document client’s response/ nursing care services rendered and processes/outcomes of the nurse client working relationship.
b. Ensure completeness, integrity, safety, accessibility and security of information.
c. Adhere to protocol and principles of confidentiality in safekeeping and releasing of records and other information.
7. Collaborate effectively with inter, intra-, and multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. a. Ensure intra-agency, inter-agency, multi-disciplinary and sectoral collaboration in the delivery of health care.
b. Implement strategies/approaches to enhance/support the capability of the client and care providers to participate in decision -making by the inter-professional team.
c. Maintain a harmonious and collegial relationship among members of the health team for effective, efficient and safe client care.

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3 Year Program
138 BDQF Total Credit Hours

Year 1

First SemesterSecond SemesterMidyear Semester
Clinical Anatomy & Physiology

Fundamental of Nursing Practice

NCM 106 – Pharmacology

Theoretical Foundation in NursingCommunity Health Nursing 1: Individual & Family as ClientNCM 110 – Nursing Informatics 
Health AssessmentHealth Care Ethics (Bioethics) 
Health EducationCare of the Mother and Child, Adolescent (Well Client)
Nutrition and Diet Therapy Melayu Islam Beraja 
Wellness & Recreation Program 3Wellness and Recreation Program 4 

Year 2

First SemesterSecond SemesterMidyear Semester
Care of Mother and Child at-risk or with Problem (Acute and Chronic)

Nursing Research 2

Care of Older Person 

Nursing Research 1Care of Clients with Problems in Nutrition and GI Metabolism and Endocrine, Perception and Coordination (Acute and Chronic)Disaster Nursing
Care of Clients with Problems in Oxygenation, Fluid & Electrolyte, Infectious, Inflammatory and Immunologic Response, Cellular Aberration (Acute and Chronic)Care of Mother and Child at-risk or with Problem (Acute and Chronic)Decent Work Employment and Transcultural Nursing

Year 3

First SemesterSecond Semester
Care of Clients with Maladaptive Patterns of Behaviors (Acute and Chronic)

Nursing Leadership and Management

Nursing Care of Clients with Life Threatening Conditions /Acutely Ill/ Multi-Organ Problems / High Acuity and Emergency Situations (Acute and Chronic) Intensive Nursing Practicum (Hospital and Community Settings) 
Wellness and Recreation Program 7Wellness and Recreation Program 8

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