Education Technology

The JPMC College of Health Sciences Education Technology Office aims to be part of the students’ development of becoming responsible and well-informed professionals who can contribute to the advancement of global society.

It also aims to build a culture of academic excellence through providing the following state-of-the-art technological resources and services:

  • Microsoft Office 365 – All students, faculty, and staff can access various web applications as well as online versions of Microsoft platforms. It is used by the university more than just an email system. The university uses it to edit documents, create videos, manage data, and create webpages offline and online with the help of Microsoft cloud storage. 

  • Canvas – The university’s learning management system where students, faculty, and staff are connected in one learning ecosystem. The university deems it essential to enable a digital classroom that goes beyond the physical campus to keep students engaged with learning and support them in achieving their academic goals.
  • E-library – EBSCO is an advanced library technology used to access research databases and archives whether on campus or online to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are provided with quality and essential resources to reach academic success.

Step 1

Register online through this link:

Step 2

Wait for the initial results of admissions application.

Step 3

 Settle the registration fee of BND 115.00 and acceptance fee of BND 115.00. Send the proof of payment to

Step 4

Wait for the Acceptance letter, enrollment schedule and interview with the Academics Team.

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