The JPMC College of Health Sciences is committed to offer:

JCHS Mission

JPMC College of Health Sciences is a private institution of higher education that produces leaders who promote, practice, and pursue:

  • Excellence in health science education and healthcare services.
  • Compassionate Care.
  • Health Research
  • Lifelong Learning
Bruneian students in lab gown in a Nursing School Brunei
  • Health Science
    Education & Healthcare Services
  • Compassionate Care
  • Health Research
  • Lifelong Learning


To produce the best healthcare providers and leaders in order to improve the lives of individuals and communities through innovative education and health care.

Student with patient in nursing school in Brunei

Step 1

Register online through this link:

Step 2

Wait for the initial results of admissions application.

Step 3

 Settle the registration fee of BND 115.00 and acceptance fee of BND 115.00. Send the proof of payment to

Step 4

Wait for the Acceptance letter, enrollment schedule and interview with the Academics Team.

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