Wellness and Recreation Program

The Wellness and Recreation Program or (WRP) is an adaptation of the Far Eastern University’s innovation of the Physical Education Courses for college students. The program promotes sustained engagement in physical fitness, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness, recreation, nutrition, environmental, financial, occupational and health awareness activities to the JCHS community. It provides comprehensive, progressive and innovative programs that will holistically develop the JCHS community’s sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, social interaction, self-discipline and positive behavior through a safe and positive learning environment. 

Step 1

Register online through this link:

Step 2

Wait for the initial results of admissions application.

Step 3

 Settle the registration fee of BND 115.00 and acceptance fee of BND 115.00. Send the proof of payment to jchs.admissions@jchs.edu.bn

Step 4

Wait for the Acceptance letter, enrollment schedule and interview with the Academics Team.

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